Creating a bigger impact together.

Through a strategic partnership with Little Phil, we’re opening up millions of dollars in impact-based funding for not-for-profits.


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Josh Murchie

Cofounder of Little Phil,

Xillion is a leader in the NFT & cryptocurrency space. Partnering with a company of this caliber on such a ground-breaking initiative is incredible, and will unlock new streams of fundraising for our charity partners.

Key benefits

Enabling reliable & ongoing funding for charities

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a special class of digital assets that cannot be exchanged with one another for equal value, or broken down into smaller bits, that often operate as a type of collectors’ item and cannot be duplicated. These represent the next phase in the application of blockchain technology and ProjectX is recognized at the forefront in this space.

Now charities can activate their celebrity ambassadors in new and innovative ways to provide awareness and access alternative streams of fundraising. For creators and curators, this is a radical new way to support the causes that they care about, and have more certainty that the funds will be spent where they should be.

Charity partnerships

Every Xillion launch creates an impact across multiple emerging causes

This partnership is designed to provide not-for-profits access to alternative streams of fundraising outside of traditional avenues and aid them in diversifying their revenue-raising activities. This will also provide charities with an ongoing and recurring revenue stream through the collection of money associated with each transaction.


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About little Phil

The secret to living is giving. Creating a community of modern day philanthropists.

Little Phil is a total giving ecosystem that transparently connects donors, businesses, and brands more directly with charities and beneficiaries through its Blockchain inspired Fintech technology platform that allows users to select a cause that they care about and directly give to that specific initiative — allowing them to track their impact in real-time.


No. With Xillion you buy tokens that represent a percentage of the value of an NFT pool. These tokens are freely traded and the market determines the value of the underlying NFT assets. If you accumulate enough tokens you are able to swap them to redeem NFTs out of the pool.

No. NFT's by design are non-fungible and can't be broken down into pieces. With Xillion you own tokens that represent a percentage of the value of the NFT pool. If you accumulate enough tokens you are able to swap them to redeem NFTs out of the pool. This is the only way an NFT can be redeemed and owned by an individual from an NFT drop on XIllion

Yes. XIL tokens are used for two types of staking programs on the Xillion platform, the Access Program and the APY Program. The amount of XIL you have staked into the Access Program determines your eligibility to reserve an allocation as well as the amount of ETH / BNB / USD-T you are able to allocate for a pool launch, which in turn determines the number of pool tokens you can swap for. XIL tokens are not used in Swaps.

Once a swap opens, you can only swap for the value of ETH / BNB / USD-T you have allocated. The exact conversion rate for the swap will be set on the day. The conversion rate will determine how many tokens you can swap with your set allocation.

A swap is the term used for transactions where one cryptocurrency is exchanged to another cryptocurrency without needing to use regular fiat currency like USD.

Curators are industry specific influencers or experts that Xillion have partnered with to bring together or create pools of NFTs they believe have value. Whether you understand the NFT world or not, you can get in involved in rare NFT drops.

NFTs will be locked in a smart contract non-custodial "vault" to ensure complete decentralised security over the NFTs, until the time a user accumulates enough pool tokens to redeem an NFT and ownership will transfer once swapped. Ie. if a pool has 10 NFTs and the cost to redeem 1 NFT is 100 pool tokens, a user can accumulate those 100 pool tokens from a pool launch or exchange, and swap the 100 tokens to redeem 1 NFT.

Once all the launch pool tokens have been purchased, the swap will close and the tokens will be distributed for users to claim into their wallet. Once claimed, the pool tokens will be openly tradable on various exchanges or peer to peer.

In the rare case that a launch is unsuccessful, all ETH / BNB / USD-T will be returned for the user to claim.